German Shepherd Dog breed is a relatively modern breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899. As a herding breed, German Shepherd Dog is a working dog developed originally for herding sheep and protecting the shepherd. If you'd like to learn more on how it started, please visit this page on our website: HISTORY OF THE BREED. 

 As everything in life that was created by man, the German Shepherd Dog breed has changed, improved and transitioned during the past hundred years. We now have a very clear BREED STANDARD and breeders around the world following "PROTECT THE BREED" and "IMPROVE THE BREED" practices.  

There are several different "types" (or lines) of German Shepherd Dog that have their own origin, history and unique traits. These different types, although all of them are still German Shepherd dogs, can be better suited for different purposes and roles. Each type is valued and respected for what it brings to the breed. Some of the most distinguished are: American show lines,  West German Show lines West German working lines, DDR / East German working lines and Czech working lines. Some handlers and breeders prefer one line over the other, some are using different lines and it is not uncommon to see a pedigree with various mixes of lines.  All of these types of German Shepherd dogs within the breed are unique for a variety of reasons. Physical appearance, drives, temperament and purpose varies among the lines, but all of them are German Shepherd Dogs equally.


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