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We feel honored you are considering our breeding program and we will be happy to help you on your search for a quality German Shepherd Dog and hopefully help you find your new family member or a sport/show partner!

We are a small breeder and are located in Menomonie, Wisconsin. We focus solely on the West German line and breed for both -  bloodlines’ excellent genetic health and temperaments. All our breeding dogs are owned by us and are living their best life as a part of our family.  Our breeding stock dogs  are available to meet with families, if you would like to visit us before making a decision to own a dog from us. Just give us a call and we can schedule your visit! 


Being a small-scale breeder, we focus on the quality of our breeding and not the quantity. We only produce a few litters every year and every puppy from our breeding  program is hand-picked to match the family. We do have a waiting list and there will always be some waiting time to receive a puppy from our breeding program.  If you are looking to bring a puppy home this upcoming weekend/ seeking a Christmas gift / or want a puppy immediately - please look somewhere else. We do not support spontaneous decisions based on emotions and will almost never have puppies available the same day. Our deposits are guaranteeing a puppy within 12 months, but the average waiting time is between 6 and 9 months.

Why Choose a puppy Vom Geliebten Haus?

All our litters are planned in advance and each female has a full veterinary exam with bloodwork and vaginal swabs completed prior to breeding. All bred females are fed nutritious diet with extra meals and treats and a variety of supplements and vitamins to ensure proper growth and development of the litters. All litters are born inside our warm home and our pivotal role of breeders with heart begins in the whelping box. We are raising well-adjusted, confident puppies starting from birth. We help them become obedient dogs with big personalities and unconditionally loving hearts during the eight-week countdown from birth until going to new homes.

In "Genetics and the Social Behavior of a Dog," behavioral scientists John Paul Scott and John L. Fuller attribute 35% of a dog's ultimate behavioral makeup to genetics and 65% to the management, training, socialization, nutrition, and health the dog receives as a puppy. We have said it before - you can not raise a litter of puppies in a dark garage with no (or minimal) human interactions and then claim the dogs to be true German Shepherds. 

We handle puppies every day since birth and very closely monitor their growth and development. We utilize Early neurological stimulation (ENT) exercises with each puppy to ensure our puppies receive a head start in their development. Carman Battarglia, PhD, describes in his "Breeding Better Dogs" the U.S. military's "Super Dog" program that uses ENT of puppies. "These exercises help to kick in the neurological system earlier than normal," he says. "This helps to build a strong cardiovascular system with stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, greater tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. These pups are more active, more exploratory, calmer and less distracted when working."

"Super Dog" exercises are done once a day with each puppy when they are as young as three days old! We perform ENT for the first two week of dog's life and they include:

~ Tactile Stimulation: tickling between the toes with a Q-tip

~ Head held erect stimulations: holding a pup in both hands perpendicular to the ground so the head is directly above the tail in an upward position

~ Head pointed down stimulations: holding a pup in both hands with the head pointed downward towards the ground

~ Spine position stimulation: holding a pup on its back in the palm of both hands with its muzzle facing the ceiling

~ Thermal Stimulation: placing a pup feet down on a cool damp towel.


    At age of four weeks all puppies are moved to the puppy pen that is located on the main floor in our house. This encourages early socialization of puppies that is enriched with physical and mental challenges. The more experiences puppies have during this period of early development the better they are prepared to move to their forever homes. Our puppies are provided with plenty of chew toys and tugs to develop strength, agility and coordination skills. They are experiencing different textured surfaces, such as carpet and wood floors inside our home, concrete and grass (if weather permitting) outside and are decentered to a variety of household sounds, such as a vacuum cleaner, television, kids running and playing, fire alarm going on, telephone and door bell ringing. Our four kids are each practicing a musical instrument, such as piano, flute and a saxophone and all our puppies are exposed to a a variety of music on a daily basis. 

As to nutritional considerations, we are proud to provide the best diet to our puppies and we speak of this in large on the PUPPY DIET page here. 

 All puppies are placed with families at age of 8 weeks after a full vet exam by our veterinarian. Puppies receive first set of distemper puppy vaccination and four rounds of de-wormer as recommended for the breed. We also microchip all puppies for permanent identification and extra protection with AKC-Reunite microchips.   All puppies come with AKC registration and families get to name their puppies themselves!  We provide signed contract and health guarantees.


We breed West German Line and focus on the excellent genetic bloodlines of SV (Germany)


Each litter is inspected by a licensed veterinarian of our choice, OakwoodHills Animal Hospital prior to leaving our kennel at 8 weeks.


All puppies are sold with sales contract and agreement


All our puppies come with AKC registration paperwork.


Our puppies come with a trial 30-day pet insurance  and a coupon for  a free wellness exam by participating veterinarian.


We provide Congenital Health Guarantee* for 26 months

*terms apply


All our puppies are permanently microchipped for identification.


Families that choose to keep pet insurance receive 10% discount due to us performing all genetic screenings on the dogs and being certified as Breeder with H.E.A.R.T.


We offer lifetime support to our families in all non-emergency situations



Also please check our PLANNED LITTERS

If Interested to schedule a visit and meet with us and our dogs,

discuss our  planned litters and puppy availability, please fill out our

 puppy inquiry form

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