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German Commands


Achtung! (Ahk-toong')  - Watch! Attention! 

Aus! (Ows) -  Out! Drop It! Let Go!

Bleib! (Blibe or Blipe) - Stay! 

Bringen! - Bring! Fetch! 

Fass! (Fahs) - Attack! Take hold! 

Fuss! (Foos) -  Heel! 

Gib Laut! - Bark! 

Hier! - Here! Come! 

Hopp! - Up! Jump! 

Nein! (Nine) - No! 

Pass auf! (Pahs owf) - Pay attention! Heads Up!

(Foo-ey)  - Shame! Stop That! Drop That! 

Platz! (Plots) - Down! (Place) 

Setz! , Setzen! (Zetze'n) -  Sit! 

Such! (Zook) -  Search! 

Voran! (For-ahn) - Go forward! Take the lead! 

Voraus! (For-ows) -  Go forward! Run out!


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