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While most of our puppies are sold to families in the Midwest, many of Vom Gelibten Haus puppies live far outside the limits of state of Wisconsin. We are proud to say that you can find a dog from our breeding program anywhere in USA,
"from California to New York Island".

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 We can't speak enough of the benefits of visiting your breeder in person and purchasing a puppy locally, but many times it is worth to look outside your radius and look into breeders in other states, as there are many options available when it comes to shipping a puppy from a breeder on the other side of the country. Some of the reasons to look for breeders in other states may include - quality of the puppy, lineage and pedigree, personal connection with a breeder or even pricing & guarantees. A low pricing of a puppy that you can buy online without contacting a breeder first  should be a big red flag! there are many scammers that advertise puppies for very low and use stolen images from other kennels.  We do not advise to purchase a puppy online, especially of it looks "too good to be true" -  do your research - ask for references, ask who's their veterinarian is and how long the parent dogs have been seen by this veterinarian, call their vet and ask questions. Ask for images, many many images of the puppy and parents, and living conditions of the dogs. Ask to see health report before making an agreement. Always have everything signed and documented.
It is not a bad idea to visit your breeder and see the dogs before making a decision. We had a number of families travel to us to see the dogs and they always enjoyed the trip, as it was full of excitement and reassurance of making an informative decision. We live just outside Menomonie, WI and our small town is full of  fun things to do while you are here. So, make is a fun weekend getaway and visit us in person! 
While shipping a young puppy can be seemed as a stressful experience for all involved - a breeder, a buyer family and for the puppy, we make every effort to ensure that transition of your new puppy goes smooth and fast. 

If you can't drive to us for a pick up, there are some options to deliver a puppy. Most common shipping options include:

PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY AT THE MSP AIRPORT - a buyer can book a roundtrip ticket to Minneapolis (MSP) and fly back with a puppy on board. There is shuttle that goes from MSP to Menomonie and you can visit us in person and travel home with a puppy in your hands.  If driving to our house for a pick up in person isn't an option due to short time between the flights, we can deliver a puppy to the airport - ground delivery fees will apply.  We will provide all documentation for the flight. A puppy will be flying in a soft sided airline approved container that you can purchase in advance. A puppy is going to be inside the cabin, not in cargo area. 

GROUND DELIVERY: We offer ground delivery (for $3*/mile) and can deliver puppies up to 300 miles from Menomonie, Wisconsin. We would not risk using a commercial ground shipper for young puppies, as those are usually having a week-long routes and a young puppy should not spend a week in a crate while in delivery from us to the buyer. 

AIR CARGO: If the distance is more than 300 miles, we would recommend to use an Air Cargo Delivery. When shipping by Air Cargo - a puppy is being shipped to your nearest  airport. We ship from Minneapolis/St.Paul (MSP) International Airport and can use cargo service. We have worked with Delta Cargo, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines. 

You can check with air companies to see if they have direct routes to the airport in your area. We charge a flat fee of $750 for air cargo delivery and that includes: Size-appropriate crate for the puppy, Health Certificate issued by our veterinarian within 10 days of flight, Air Fair from MSP to the airport of your choice and ground delivery of your puppy from us to MSP. There will be no additional charges that a buyer has to pay at the airport when receiving their puppy.  Please note, that cargo deliveries are not always possible - the airlines have limitations due to the size of crate, weather restrictions and type of aircraft. 

IN-FLIGHT NANNY: We also offer a delivery of your young puppy with in-flight nanny to the airport of your choice. This might be the only option to deliver a puppy by air, especially if cargo is not available. While traveling with one of us (or a trusted person of our choice), your puppy will be traveling in cabin and not in cargo area. This can be the safest, less stressful option for you and your pet! The cost of in-flight nanny includes the cost of the roundtrip ticket for one person traveling from Minneapolis/St Paul to the airport of destination, cost of the hotel (if a flight back is on the next day) and a gratuity fee for the nanny time. This is the more costly option, but sometimes is the only option available.  Please contact us in private to discuss details and possibility.

INTERNATIONAL: If shipping outside the country, such as Canada, we must use IPATA shipper - rates and terms can be different and a buyer can contact them directly for rates and requirements. 

Unless agreed otherwise, the cost of a puppy and cost of the shipping must be paid in full prior to shipping of a puppy. 

While many times shipping of a puppy by air can seem like a big deal to many new dog owners, we want you to be reassured - pets fly everyday. Pets are being shipped every day - from one state to another, from one country to another.  Most  of our dogs traveled with us by air - either from another state OR from another country, mostly by trans-Atlantic flights.  In professional dog world, handlers travel with dogs and ship them by cargo for training or show to another states, too!

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