Vom Geliebten Haus Health Guarantee

All our puppies are examined by a vet of our choice just a few days before they are placed with families. Each puppy comes with a complete health report, including vaccinations and de-worming records. Owners agree to take their puppy to a vet of their choice within 3 business days of purchase.  After these three days period, we offer 24-months guarantee for any genetic flaws, if any.  We do not cover veterinary costs and do not cover trauma related injuries.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want buyers to be completely satisfied with their new dog. We understand that, for a variety of reasons, buyers may elect to rehome their pet during any time of the ownership. Per our sales contract, if for any reason buyer can no longer care for the dog purchased from us, they must inform us. ​Buyer has an option to return previously purchased healthy dog to us – no questions asked! Dog must be returned to Seller, unaltered in healthy physical condition or in demeanor and temperament with the original sales contract, registration forms or AKC registration certificate, with all health records and microchip forms, proof of veterinarian exam within 48 hours of return. Shipping to Vom Geliebten Haus must be paid by the owner that surrenders the puppy/dog. In a situation that dog had no health exam in the last 48 hours, or has a medical condition diagnosed during the exam within past 48 hours,  Vom Geliebten Haus reserves a right to refuse acceptance of the said dog or to offer to quarantine this puppy/dog for a minimum of two weeks and take the puppy/dog to a licensed vet of our choice for a complete medical exam with buyer being responsible for the expenses. Vom Geliebten Haus will then make ultimate decision of the future of the dog and reserves the right to withhold the information about the dog from the previous owner, who returns the dog. ​ No refund will be given.



Genetic Guarantee in a form of replacement of sold dog is guaranteed to the original buyer under the following conditions, provided the original puppy/dog is returned to the Seller, unaltered in physical condition or in demeanor and temperament. In any medical circumstance, the returned dog must be accompanied by a written statement from a veterinarian, on his business letterhead, as to why said puppy/dog is found to be defective. Seller reserves the right to have any stated condition verified, at Seller’s expense, by Seller’s veterinarian. Seller shall exchange at the value of the price stated herein. Seller and Buyer affirm that said dog was in good physical health at the time of Sale, verified by veterinarian documentation and Buyer’s inspection. Seller assumes no further liability for medical care under any circumstances. Cost of transport to return, exchange, or replace said dog shall be at Buyer's expense.

1) Within three business days of receiving said dog, if it is found to be physically unhealthy or defective by a veterinarian. This shall not include infestation of internal or external parasites (fleas, “worms”, coccidia, etc.).

2) Within the first two years of life, if found to be with physical/health defect, due to genetics, that shall render it to be “unhealthy” long-term.

This health guarantee does not cover contagious diseases, pregnancy/birthing problems, Breed Standard conformation “flaws” or accidental and trauma-related activity or injuries. This guarantee shall be voided if owner of the puppy/dog has violated the signed at the time of sale agreement. Any guarantee shall be voided by sterilization before two years of age, or by unauthorized breeding, or by Vaccinosis, which is health problems due to inappropriate, multiple, unneeded, or over vaccination(s). Appropriate vaccine information and protocols have been provided to the Buyer.

This health guarantee is in a form of a replacement only. Seller will not refund any part of the purchase price; the ​sole remedy will be a replacement of the dog with a similar pedigree and equal price. Buyer has an option to keep the original dog they have purchased if they can provide medical documentation that the dog has been spayed/neutered and genetic condition has been treated.

As of April 2019, at the time of sale seller and owner both sign Health Guarantees Buyer certifies that they have read and understand the terms of sellers Health guarantee and replacement procedures.  That they have been provided with puppy’s health record verified by veterinary documentation. That they have received puppy’s vaccination documentation and de-worming protocol. and had the opportunity to inspect a puppy and to the best of their knowledge this puppy is found in good physical health at the time of sale. Buyer understands that they have three business days from the time of sale to verify puppy’s health with a veterinarian of their choice for a refund or replacement of a puppy and after this period will be only guaranteed a replacement for genetic conditions.