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What Dogs do you breed?

We breed West German Show Line - German Shepherd Dogs.

We do not use American or Working Lines;


Do you ship dogs?

Yes, We ship our dogs/puppies by ground or air.

Ground delivery is $2/mile and Air Cargo is approximately $500 for a puppy of 8 weeks.

Do you have any older dogs for sale?

We keep pups from each litter and train them

for a specific purpose. We also show some of

the pups.  If you are interested in older dogs,

those that are trained and/or titled, Please contact us.

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How Big will the puppy get?

We breed to a GSD breed standard. All our dogs are having the correct structure and weight. Adult males average between  75-90 lbs; females between 55 -75 lbs . Read more about the German Shepherd Size.

How soon Can I take my puppy home?

Puppies can leave as early as eight weeks and one day. We do not recommend early placement with a family, as it is very important for a puppy to spend adequate time with their litter mates and parents.

What food should I purchase for my puppy?

We feed our Dogs Blue Buffalo Large Breed Dry Dog Food.

All pups are on Blue Buffalo Puppy Food.

To learn more of feeding, please visit Puppy Diet Page. 

What Vaccinations does my puppy have? What other vaccinations I need for my puppy?

All pups are having a full vet exam prior to placement. Vaccinations and microchip are administered at eight weeks. Vaccinations done by the breeder include: Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus (Solo-Jec® 5 Plus). Your puppy will need to have a repeated dose of the said vaccinations twice (at approximately 3-4 weeks intervals ~ 12 weeks and 16 weeks) and Rabies once age appropriate. Additional vaccinations will depend on your needs and lifestyle - boarding/day care centers have their own requirements. You can ask your vet about your dog's needs and benefits/side effects of vaccinations.  We ask that you research about early vaccinations and over vaccinations.  If you would like to read more about Canine Vaccinations and recommendations, please visit here.

When should the ears go up?

You should see the ears up anywhere between 4-9months. If you have any concerns, please message us.

Do you have any unregistered dogs? Or will you give a discount if we do not need papers?

All our pups are registered with AKC. It is the buyers decision if they would like to complete/transfer the registration or remain their dog unregistered. But regardless of what that decision will be, our pricing policy remains the same. We do not sell "AKC registered dogs" or so-called "pet-quality", we sell intelligent purebreed quality  dogs with amazing pedigree, going back to the foundation of the breed.

Do you have any dogs that aren't "show quality" and priced lower?

We strive per perfection.  Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful, healthy puppy that has potential for both: show and work. If we produce pups that aren't this quality, we should probably consider closing our breeding program. Anyone selling "pet quality" dogs is most likely not doing things right.

Will you price match a puppy from your kennel to a puppy from another breeder I am considering?

Yes! We will do a price match to a puppy from a litter produced by a different kennel if both Sire and Dam have the equal (comparable) show ratings, titles and pedigrees.

How do I choose a puppy from a litter? When will I be able to choose a puppy? Is it first come - first served? Can I pay more to have a "pick of the litter"? 

The short answer - is you don't. We remain a right to choose a puppy from a litter to be placed with a family. We do this to make sure that:

the best puppies are sold with full rights to show/working homes

the puppies and families match each other by temper

you are happy with your puppy and are taking the best puppy for you!

In some cases, we can offer two-three puppies to a family to make a choice, in some cases - we can say "this is the only puppy we can offer to you from this litter".  All depends on the situation and the puppies. When can we tell a puppy's personality? at around seven weeks of age! So, even when a deposit is placed early, and an updates were made weekly about the entire litter, a decision will not be made until a puppy is 7 weeks old.  If you have chosen us as your breeder, we want you to trust us with this.  After all, it is the SAME pedigree, same mom, dad, genetics and same level of care. Physical differences will be minimal at age of eight weeks (maybe a little bit darker face, or a spot on a tongue) and many times, hard to even tell one puppy from another if collars are taken off. But we observe these puppies from day one and we know them better and do our very best to match a puppy with you. 

If you want to "pick" a puppy - we are not a breeder for you. 

How soon can I see my puppy after it is born? Can I come to see my puppy under 8 weeks? 

Once a deposit is placed towards a puppy from a litter - we update families with images of the puppies in the litter at least weekly. So, from the day one when a litter is born, families can see their future family members via images. We are happy to answer all questions and send updates. But we do not allow visitors in our kennel to see the puppies or to play with puppies, as we do care about the health and immune system of the dogs. We will not risk their health or their nursing mother's sanity to make families happy or to satisfy their puppy fix. When families visit us for interview, to place a deposit or to inspect our facility and ask questions, if we have older puppies  on the premises, we can sometimes let visitors peak into the whelping area, but we will not allow to hold puppies.  

What is your genetic health guarantee?

All our puppies are examined by a vet of our choice just a few days before they are placed with families. Each puppy comes with a complete health report, including vaccinations and de-worming records. Owners agree to take their puppy to a vet of their choice within 3 business days of purchase.  After these three days period, we offer 24-months guarantee for any genetic flaws, if any.  We do not cover veterinary costs and do not cover trauma related injuries.  For more information on health guarantee, please visit HERE. 

Can I return my dog to you? 

We will take any dog back for any reason. No questions asked. No refund is given.

Who is your vet?

Dr. Erin Lokken, Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital,  4616 Commerce Valley Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701, Phone(715) 835-0112

How many dogs you have? 

All of the dogs that we own are listed on this website, under MALES and FEMALES. We do not have any dogs living with other families or with foster families. We own all of the female dogs that are use in our breeding program. Stud dogs can be ours or  owned by reputable kennels that we trust.

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