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We provide stud service to the approved females. All our studs are proven, quality males with superior bloodlines.



FROZEN:  We have frozen sperm from Fino, OberNesto and Uri ready and available immediately for shipping or pick-up. We use Stillwater Animal Hospital (Stillwater, MN) for storage. Sperm analysis is available.

LIVE COVER:  Live Cover is available by Nesto and Uri to approved females.  Our studs will not be traveling for mating outside the kennel. We are located in Menomonie, WI. 

CHILLED SEMEN: Chilled semen by Nesto and Uri is available to be collected daily and shipped overnight by FedEx. Cost of Chilled Semen is same as live cover PLUS collection and shipping cost.

For cost stud service or semen - please contact us by email - and include your location for shipping.

Sperm Analysi



1. Pedigree Compatibility 

To ensure that we are not breeding  two closely related animals and to make sure that we are not breeding different lines of GSD, a Pedigree of the female must be presented.  We recommend adding a female to Pedigreedatabase website and doing "Mating Outcome" check first. We will not agree to breed our studs if progeny will have inline breeding  closer than 3-3. 


2. Genetic Health Screening 

A female must  have successfully passed Genetic Health Screening as recommended for the breed.  A proof of all results  must be presented.

3. Temperament, Health & Age of the Female

A female must be in a healthy condition, stable temperament and of recommended breeding age - between two and six years old. We pledge to never use aggressive animals in breeding and will not  allow mating with any female that requires muzzle or fixation. 

4. Canine Brucellosis Screening

A negative results of Canine Brucellosis screening (done within TEN DAYS of mating) is required for all females before breeding. Some screenings are false positive due to cross reactivity and must have more extensive testing. THIS TAKES TIME. NO female will be bred without a negative Brucella. We advice owners to perform Brucelosis test with their vet at their earliest convenience once female is in heat.  Typically, a vet that sends bloodwork to be tested in a lab, will get you results in 2-3 business days. Local owners: we highly recommend going to Stillwater Animal Hospital, as they perform testing in house and will have results within 20 minutes. 


Progesterone Timing 

We are providing this information below in an effort to make sure that your female gets pregnant. The key to a successful mating that will result in a pregnancy is breeding at the right time estimated via serum progesterone testing. Progesterone testing is highly recommended for all bitches bred. It ensures that the bitch is having a normal heat cycle and has ovulated. A progesterone series tells us precisely when to inseminate her. We strongly recommend that you do the majority of the tests at your veterinarian, to ensure that you are shipping or driving in with a fertile bitch. However, we can arrange Progesterone testing  from Doctor Rice, Stillwater Animal Hospital and it takes about 1 hr 30 minutes to get the results after the sample of blood has been drawn. Progesterone timing in areas where results take days to return are not feasible. Results must be known within 24 hours, if not sooner.

The Idexx Veterinary Reference Labs give excellent service using The Idexx Direct Courier Service via FedEx no matter where you are located. Results are faxed and can be accessed online. Have your vet call 1-800-551-0998 Ext 8327 for info. 


Progesterone Timing Chart

For a live cover, start testing about day 5 to 7 of season. 

Once you know your female's progesterone level - use the table below to estimate optimal time for live mating. Ovulation means female started to release eggs that are ready for fertilization. Most breeders want to wait for a good number of eggs in female's body before allowing stud to mate her. Live mating sperm can live in a female's body for some time, so the earliest breeding can be done is once a female is ovulated, as she will continue to release eggs after ovulation. A female will not allow stud to mount her if she has not ovulated. Once ovulation occurs, a "fishy" smell will be present and a discharge will change from bright red to pale pink.

 In our breeding experience, we see most females in our kennel ovulate on day 7-8 of her cycle and we breed on day 11 and 13. While this is not an accurate statement and can not be applied to every female, this is the most common we see happening in our kennel. We have heard from one friend breeder that they had a female ovulate on day 26 of her cycle - they were only able to find that out after they did progesterone testing every other day of her heat. We have also bred one of our females on day 10 of her cycle - just once - we used an outside stud and due to traveling distance and our busy schedules this was our only chance to do this mating. Our female ovulated just a day before (day 9) and had progesterone rise up to 8. We ended up with six beautiful puppies - 2 females and 4 males!  On the other hand, we also had one of our females bred late in her cycle (day 16) also due to traveling to the stud and his availability. This resulted in a singleton female litter.  (There is a belief that earlier mating produces more males, while breeding late in a cycle produces females. We keep good record of all our matings and hopefully one day twenty years from today we will be able to find out of this is true)

Approved Female
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Images and text on this page is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.  



Many breeder's that inquiry about our stud service ask us about "guarantees" and this question makes us somewhat uncomfortable and confused. We firmly believe that when dealing with live matters - animals, reproduction, breeding - there are no guarantees. EVER. We are "playing God" and every time we have to assume risks and failures and if you are a new breeder and have not had yours yet - it is just a matter of time. If a breeder is seeking guarantees - they are in a wrong business. 

We have seen contracts of other kennels and we have seen stud advertisement. Some of the promises are simply unrealistic and are written just to lure potential partners into the deal.  We don't want to make promises we can't keep and we don't follow what other breeder's do or what a buyer wants us to do, just to satisfy the other party. We have our own system that is based on science and common sense. 

We want to be honest - with our partners and buyers and ourselves. We want to repeat this over, There are no guarantees in breeding. Ever. 

We can do all possible tests, trials, selections, and still - fail. We need to be ready for this and as a breeder - we had our fair share of losses and we can name more than a dozen of kennels that had theirs. We have to assume those risks, when it comes to making our decisions and celebrate every time when we succeed. 


We can guarantee that: Our studs are in good health and have current vet exam with full blood work panel and semen analysis. Our studs all have Breeding Soundness Evaluation exam done at least once in every 12 months and their semen count and post-thaw analysis numbers are within recommended for the breed limits.


We can not guarantee: fertility of the female, timing & ovulation of the female, her reproductive health, infections, vaginal bacteria and so much more. 

We can not guarantee:  that the insemination is done correctly - that is really the quality and specialty of the vet

We can not guarantee: prenatal care, safety, conditions in which female is kept during her pregnancy  - females will reabsorb fetuses if she does not feel safe or does not get adequate diet/vitamins.


With all the above said, we, as breeders, can do our very best, but will accept all test and challenges without getting upset. A successful pregnancy is never a guarantee.

With the stud service that we offer, we follow these terms of the agreement:

1. We share our vet's information and release all results of the stud's most recent semen analysis

2. Payment for the stud service is due upfront; no exceptions.

3. Once a payment is received, we provide live stud service to approved females or release of semen as agreed.

4. If semen is being collected, the buyer is responsible for collection and shipping cost - this can be done with our veterinarian directly over the phone.

5. Buyer is responsible to arrange shipping to their veterinarian or home.


We understand that terms of our stud service may not be satisfying to breeders that want "guaranteed" results. We then ask that those breeders do not contact us, as we are not willing to make changes to our philosophy/business strategy to make money and make a  false promise. Our clear, transparent communication and ways we work with partners is worth much more to us, and we are not willing to sacrifice that.

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