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American Kennel Club German Shepherd Dog Page

History of the Breed, Breed Standart, Color Markings

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

OFA is a non-profit organization that collates and disseminates information concerning orthopedic and genetic disease of animals.


The AIS PennHIP method has strong scientific foundation as the most effective hip screening tool available for dogs.

United Schutzhund Clubs of America

Since 1975, the premier national organization dedicated to preserving the German Shepherd dog’s working heritage through Schutzhund training and breed surveys.

German Shepherd Dog Club of America

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most versatile dog breeds in the world, excelling as a working dog, a companion, a protector and a competitor at the highest levels of both conformation and performance events.

German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis & St.Paul

The GSDC of Mpls & St. Paul was founded in 1950 to promote the responsible breeding of the GSD


German Shepherd Dog Club of Wisconsin

Founded in 1947 by 33 German Shepherd enthusiasts to promote interest in the breed and to train people to properly train their German Shepherd Dogs.

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