There are technically only TWO coat lengths in the German Shepherd

STOCK COAT (short) and LONG STOCK COAT (long coat).

Both coat lengths have an undercoat that makes the German shepherd weather proof.


LONG HAIR GSD that does not have an undercoat is a fault.  We will also cover "PLUSH",

simply FYI, as it is a term is unofficial and used to describe fuller coat -  often times Stock.




German: Stock Haarig/ Stockhaar Coat

The short coat is just what it sounds like - short. The hair length is short and the coat lays flat against the body. West German Show Dogs usually have a fuller, slightly longer, luxurious coat then the American Shepherd Stock Coat, which as as short as a Labrador. The Stock coat has an undercoat, which sheds out twice per year - seasonally.

Image: Klara Stone Yard

Image: Jerland's Casar

The Plush Coat is an American term and is not an official term to describe coat length in a German Shepherd Dog. It means a coat is 'plushier' than the short coat, and is preferred more in the show ring. It's basically is a longer, fuller coat. This term can be used on a Stock Coat (short) or Long Stock (long coat) dogs, depending on who is using it. 

Image: Chelsey V.Ljulin

German: Lang Stockhaarig / Lang Stockhaar

The Long Stock Coat is a long coat that has fringe and an undercoat. The undercoat will be thinner in the summer and thicker in winter. As a puppy, you can not tell how long it will be. Long and full is desired with sort of a lions mane. It will not grow as long or thick in hotter climates. These dogs are stunning and in high demand.

Image: from the web

German: Langhaar

This coat is extremely long, like an Afghan Hound. It parts down the middle of the back. It is soft, sort of fly away hair, light and very long. There is never an undercoat. this type of dog is restricted from breeding due to the fact that no undercoat is a fault as far as the standard is concerned. It has long hair or feathering on the ears, legs, and tail.

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