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All our litters are planned in advance with careful consideration 
of the Sire & Dam, their pairing, genetics and individual personalities. 
Our goal is producing healthy, top-notch German Shepherd puppies
with stable nervous system, balanced temper & medium drive. 

All our future litters are subject to change.
Dates of whelping are guesstimate until the actual mating happens. 
We never use hormonal therapy or medicinal supplements to induce our females and provoke their heat cycles sooner.  
We trust that Mother Nature knows best
and rely on the normal, natural cycles of our females.
We can somewhat predict the time frame of their next heat cycle
and estimate the timing of the future litter.
We remain a right not to breed our females  if their health and well-being will be compromised by pregnancy or delivery. 
Updated December 21, 2021 
In the next six month, we are hopeful to welcome the following litters: 

Long Coat, Red and Black
Litter is expected in January

 (repeated breeding)
Long Coat Red and Black
litter is planned for early 2022
Click here to see pedigree of this litter

Once puppies are born they are offered to families
in the order a deposit has been accepted.

if Interested to learn more - please fill out our puppy inquiry form