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 This deposit can be applied towards any litters in the kennel. A buyer will be notified once mating happens and given time to use the deposit towards the puppy in the expected litter. Buyer will be notified once litter is born, and seller will hold the puppy until this age of a puppy:  8 weeks.  The total price of the puppy/dog will be discussed before the buyer agrees to use the deposit and is typically between $2,000 and $2,500.00 USD for limited AKC of which the remaining balance of ________________________is due on or before the puppy is 8 weeks of age.  Byer will be notified about pregnancy development and kept up to date with litter/puppy updates. If buyer changes their mind about purchasing a puppy, the deposit will not be refunded. Buyer has an option to transfer the deposit to a different litter in Vom Geliebten Haus within a 12-months period, seller must be  notified in writing not later than the age of a puppy – 6 weeks;  it is understood that remaining balance might be different and in accordance with the litter to which the deposit is being transferred.  If the balance is not paid within five business days from noted date (puppy turning 8 weeks), seller may offer said puppy to another owner without any further obligation to buyer placing this deposit.  This deposit is for a litter not yet born, and it is understood that in a situation that a puppy of a desired gender is not available, the deposit will be transferred to either  for a puppy of a different gender in the same litter if available, or to a different litter per buyer’s decision. Breeder remains the right of choice when it comes to placing puppies with families to ensure best match based on temperament and family lifestyle.    
This contract is non-refundable, transferable only. 

Non-Refundable Deposit

  • This deposit can only be placed after an agreement is signed.  Purchasing this deposit without prior concent of a breeder does not guarantee a puppy.

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