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We are  German Shepherd Dogs, raised, trained and loved by a family in beautiful Wisconsin.



















We live on private 60-acres farm & kennel and enjoy our life at its fullest!  We sleep in the house and are never crated. We are taken for training daily and we do so much exercise together in the woods! We heel off leash, run through the woods, go over the hurdles and do a lot of protection and tracking work. We truly enjoy working  and love to please! 



















We are also fed healthy food – all made from scratch using local raw ingredients! There is a whole pantry filled with organic herbs, oils and enzymes that are added to our diet!  Our owners ensure we are raised healthy, fit, exercised and masculine.


There are four little children in a family that are home-schooled and home all the time. They play with us a lot and  we look after them; sometimes they think that they are in charge, and we let them do whatever they want – take away our toys, ride on us, and hug us as much as they want. Together we play, chase one another and swim in a lake. We are happy to watch after them and protect them. We know that when it is dark at night, it is our turn to protect our family and we know how to do so the best! Sometimes there are guests, and we know that they are friends and we watch them, but trust our master and follow the commands to let them in and never bark at them. We also get to town and are used to noises – fire trucks, cars, motorcycles and races. Even the UPS guy sometimes brings us a treat and we learned to expect him to come to the porch.


Our owners love us and show it in the most gentle and caring way. They bathe us, brush our coats and clips our nails. They even clean our ears, too! They take us for car rides and we LOVE being in the front seat with our heads out the window! We especially love going to the bank – banker really likes us and always gives us a treat; we recognize a bank from a distance and get very excited! When it is warm outside, our owners ride their bikes and we run by their side – together we have explored all the trails, downtown streets and even went into some stores together. It was fun!
We are writing you all this to get you a feeling of who we are.

We are family and we are loved!

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